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NAGPRA Community of Practice Survey Results

by Anne Amati

August 6, 2021

As we are nearing the end of the grant period of the NAGPRA Community of Practice (NCP), we decided it was a good time to reflect on our efforts and conversations from the past year and start thinking about the future. To that end, we conducted a summative evaluation survey. Thank you to all who responded.

We continue to get the most engagement from people who identify as museum employees (61% of survey respondents). One goal for moving forward with the NCP is to expand engagement with other stakeholder groups, especially tribal representatives.

The survey confirmed that the bi-monthly video calls are the most successful effort of the NCP to date. 88% of respondents have attended the monthly, themed Zoom call (the 4th Friday of the month). It was very encouraging to read the comments from respondents answering why they attend the calls. Connecting with colleagues stood out as the main theme, as well as learning new things and feeling inspired.

75% of respondents said that the NCP has helped improve their knowledge of NAGPRA. Some of the topics respondents identified as the best were: hearing from tribal representatives, presentations by National NAGPRA Program staff (especially Melanie O’Brien) and case studies.

For future topics, respondents want to hear more from the tribal perspective. One suggestion is a panel discussion on consultation featuring tribal representatives. Respondents also want to hear more about how to do public outreach related to NAGPRA. Some people want more advanced topics (beyond NAGPRA 101).

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