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Bringing practitioners together to advance NAGPRA goals

Our Vision

A community that is supported, connected, and empowered to facilitate repatriation.

Our Mission

The NAGPRA Community of Practice provides space to share experiences, concerns, and successes to decrease misunderstanding and hesitancy and to foster relationships and healing.

Get Involved

The NAGPRA Community of Practice hosts video calls at 11 a.m. MT on the second and fourth Fridays of each month to share the latest developments in NAGPRA implementation and connect practitioners. Access recordings of the calls here. Our community of practice also offers an email listserv that allows NAGPRA community members to share their resources and seek insight from experts across many fields and levels of expertise. Join our private Facebook group and start communicating with other NAGPRA practitioners who can help advance your work.

  • Bi-Monthly Video Calls: Click here or call 1-669-900-6833. Meeting ID: 758 352 715

  • Contact Anne Amati to join the NAGPRA Community of Practice listserv

What We Offer

For NAGPRA practitioners — those involved in implementing NAGPRA — our community of practice can be a vital resource for networking and knowledge sharing. NAGPRA practitioners are invited to utilize resources like document templates, sample letters of consultation and museum guidelines in their own work.

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Be a Part of Our Community

Knowing who to contact can be the first step in improving communication between museum, tribe, federal, and other NAGPRA practitioners. To support communication and collaboration, the NAGPRA Community of Practice is creating a directory of NAGPRA practitioners.

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Additional NAGPRA Communities

Southeastern NAGPRA Community of Practice (SNACP)

Throughout the Southeast, many NAGPRA practitioners are at various stages with different levels of knowledge about NAGPRA. However, all face similar issues concerning the navigation and implementation of NAGPRA. A southeastern focused support system enables individuals who are involved in NAGPRA to more easily find ways to talk and share resources specific to the Southeast. 

If you are interested in being part of the Southeastern NAGPRA Community of Practice, please email

Federal NAGPRA Network

The Federal NAGPRA Network brings together agency staff to share information and exchange best practices to support agency NAGPRA compliance efforts, including those that are unique to Federal agencies.

To join the network, contact Emily Palus at

AAIA Tribal Partners Working Group

The Association on American Indian Affairs has long been working to protect the Cultural Sovereignty of Native Nations through our work on domestic and international repatriation matters together with those Nations. Association staff met with Tribal leaders, Elders, and practitioners to discuss how to best create and implement a Tribal Partners Working Group, ensuring our efforts were guided by our Tribal Partners. The Tribal Partners Working Group is a closed group limited to citizens and members of Native Nations who represent those Nations on matters involving domestic and international repatriation, NAGPRA and other federal, state, and Tribal laws, cultural heritage protection, historic preservation, and Sacred Places. The closed group allows Tribal repatriation practitioners to have a safe space to talk about matters that are not meant for the public, and to build stronger coalitions throughout Indian Country. 

The main goal of this working group is to create a protected place for Tribal Representatives to come together and discuss important and sensitive issues. The working group meets monthly the last week of each month. To join or for more information, please contact Colleen Medicine at

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