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2021 NAGPRA Data Visualizations

Since 1990, on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior, the National NAGPRA Program has received compliance documents including inventories, summaries, Federal Register notices, and newspaper notices required under NAGPRA. For over 15 years, selected data has been made publicly available on the NAGPRA Program database website. Since 2019, the program has provided this same information from inventories and notices through data visualizations on the Tableau Public website. The data through the end of September 2021 are now available on the Tableau Public website

This is one way the National NAGPRA Program is encouraging transparency and information sharing in compliance activities. For more information on a specific inventory, National NAGPRA recommends you contact the appropriate museum or Federal agency. You can use this information to confirm a museum or agency's inventory information against what the National NAGPRA Program has on record. Note it is possible that there are some errors in the dataset. The National NAGPRA office is working on resolving any known errors and asks that you contact them if you know of any potential errors with a museum or agency's data.

There are limitations to this data. Anecdotally, we know there are Native Ancestors held by institutions and agencies that have not been reported in NAGPRA inventories at all. Those individuals are missing from these totals. By raising awareness of NAGPRA requirements and procedures, hopefully, more of those institutions and agencies will move into compliance.

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